Cooper Purnell Memorial Endowment

Cooper Purnell, son of Tim and Nicole Purnell, was stillborn on December 28, 2005. He forever changed the lives of his family and they want to permanently honor his memory by funding an endowment to benefit the students of Era ISD. Cooper's sister, Lorraine, is a proud Era Hornet that talks often about the brother she never knew.

The Purnell family launched this effort on his 16th birthday with a goal of it being fully funded by his 18th birthday on December 28, 2023

Funding Areas

  • Instructional Grants


Tim & Nicole Purnell

Jeff & Nancy Preston

Shawn & Christina Morse

Patti Pennington

Dickie & Melinda Amyx

Lacey Stone

Steve & Margaret Stone

Jackie Cannon

Alina Brewer

Kay Matthews

Lynn Kelly

Melinda Marshall

Brooke Sons

Melanie Smithgall

Tomeka Isaac