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Era Education Foundation Receives IRS Status

November 31, 2021

After five shorts months of hard work, community meetings and dedication, the Era Education Foundation has been awarded their 501(c)(3) recognition just in time for sponsors to meet their giving goals by the end of the year.

The Era Education Foundation was created in June of 2021 by a diverse group of community members. The foundation was organized exclusively for educational purposes to provide supplemental funds for educational and scientific programs or activities for the Era Independent School District. Specifically, the Era Education Foundation seeks and distributes funds to support programs and initiatives to further enhance learning for public school students in the Era community. The foundation also works to fill in the gap left by public funding to provide the resources students need know and will need in the future. The Era Education Foundation prides itself on encouraging community support in public education.

The students and community are the beneficiaries of the funds used for the identified funding priorities. Specifically, benefits include the following: enhancing the quality of education to prepare students to compete with more economically advantaged districts, attract and retain outstanding teachers, increase availability of technology in the classroom, involve the community in education, increase and diversify learning opportunities for student achievement, and assist in preparing students for college, career, and military readiness.